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The most important for us is health, golden character of our dogs and their great exterier. We care also about their skills and naturally passion to work. In our heads creates a vision of a perfect Golden Retriever ideal to which we will seek, passionate with big plans and high hopes.

Dogs in our family were always present and we can not imagine a real house without a four-legged friend. A real dream about a golden retriever was in us from a long time until one day after a long family consideration we decided to visit a home kennel - Pacio Paradis. And that was it - we fell in love at the first sight ! She was there -  beautiful, fluffy with those smart eyes, deep look. She stole our hearts and we knew that she will be a part of our family. Just because of her we start our adventure with trainings with dog, we would like to truly understand a dog and learn how he sees the world. Now we cannot imagine a life without our special Asha (ASHA Pacio Paradis).  She's amazing, unique and very special for us, we are lucky that we have her. 

In 2007 we started our adventure with cynology. We began from training for obedience. We learn a lot while working with Asha in the dog school from a professional trainers and from good books. And we are still learning.
Then in 2008 we went for the first dog show with our friends. We liked it as much as Asha. We started to meet a lot of nice people from Golden Retriever world and a lot breeders too. Their knowlege and experience was our inspiration. Still learning, getting new experiences and knowing new people in 2010 we decided to have a small home kennel and we named it - Czar Pohutukawy FCI. After a long waiting we have our first litter after Asha and Szu in August 2011. It was eight, beautiful, sweet & fluffy puppies (Litter "A"). Two of them, lovely and charming Kiara (AMARACHINO CHERRY Czar Pohutukawy) and always happy and full of positive energy Frankie (ANDREA'S BLU COLLADA COLISION Czar Pohutukawy) stayed with us and bring such a joy to our life. They are just an apple of our eye. Two years later in July 2013, Asha gives us her second and last litter with a charming guy Porto. She had a litter of eleven beautiful and healthy little tornados (Litter "B"), :)) They are very smart and already have a lot of success.

Soon after that in autumn 2013 our family has grown by another amazing dog -  an English Springer Spaniel, Julian (ASTONISHING KING JULIAN Avendesora FCI). Thoughts about a second breed in our family were for a long time but no one was expected him so soon. I was dreaming to have someday a ESS but still that was unexpected for us and... astonishing. But he is a real joy for us. He's sweet, charming and smart but also sometimes becomes a little devil. :) He is beautiful with a very good abroad pedigree and from great working lines. So our hopes are high ! Thank you for him Justyna & Jordan !

All puppies from our kennel are special and lovely. After their mother, Asha they have all the best - her beautiful eyes, this smart look, amazing characters. They' re a perfect combination of their parents. Are successful in the showrings but also in obiedience which makes us proud. They are joy for their owners, brighten each day. Great joy for us as a breeders is to see them happy in loving & caring families whom loves them as much as we do. That all makes our passion and hard work worth it.

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