Birth of every litter in our kennel is always a great, long-awaited and special time for us. Therefore, future parents of puppies are always carefully and a well thought out chosen. We pay attention to health, perfect, gentle nature and exterior of dogs. It is not without significance for us as their utility skills and passion to work.

The dogs were, are and always will be full members of our family, and puppies grow up surrounded by love and tender care of all household members. We use early neurological stimulation of puppies, which positively affects their development. Puppies are in constant contact with people and other dogs, we also often welcome guests with children. We try our best to socialize dogs, skilfully issue to the effects of multiple stimuli, which is extremely important for the development of their psyche. They are accustomed to different sounds, to ride in a car, and acquainted with everyday objects. We provide them contact with nature and learn through play, with a many, carefully selected toys and special playground. 

Puppies are ready to live with new families from the age of eight weeks. We sell only puppies with pedigree of Polish Kennel Club which is affiliated to FCI.

You will receive from us a dog health book, birth certificate and a full layette containing bowls, leash with collar, feed on the first days and toys. Dogs are also microchipped, with all vaccinations according to age.

We invite you to see our plans for the future, as well as e-mail contact / telephone or arrange a meeting with us. We try to carefully pick the new homes for our puppies, so we prefer to have prior knowledge of the family waiting on a puppy from our kennel.

We always offer advice and assistance. You can count on us anytime, day or night. We'd love to keep in touch with the buyers of the puppies, we follow the development of babies and we are pleased with all of their success. There is nothing more beautiful and important for us than seeing a happy dog who came to his ideal family and each day brings joy to the owners, becoming their pride and joy - the apple of the eye.



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